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Liberator ST Tactical Light
Price $219.99
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Take the durable attributes of the GP model, and then add an intuitive thumb-activated, split-switch Strobe function, and you have the Liberator ST tactical flashlight.

Also available as a package with our Adjustable Tactical Pouch and Red Flip-Up Filter.


  • Black Type III Hard Anodized Finish
  • High Constant-On Button

Simple Control Panel Operation

1. Brightness Control Cycles between three levels of brightness. Also switches Task Light on and off when main LED is off (STT models only).

2. Constant-On Control The "on/off" switch for continuous light in Constant-On mode.

3. Split-Switch Control (GP, ST and STT models) For added functionality o n select models, the Split-Switch is divided into two segments:

a. Controls Strobe functions on ST and STT models; controls instant Low function on GP model.

b. Momentary function provides instant light when not in Constant-On Mode; also allows instant transition to full intensity from any brightness level.


  • Liberator ST Tactical Flashlight (120 lumens, black)
  • Two CR123 Lithium Batteries
  • Black Belt Holster
  • MOLLE-Ready Retention Clip
  • User Manual
  • EZ Five-Step User Instructions
  • Lifetime limited warranty